SAL Match 5 - Dartford

This was always going to be a very tough match with the clubs being in four of the top seven places in the league. Unfortunately for Herts Phoenix several younger athletes were competing on the same day at the South of England under 17 Championships with others not being available due to injury or being away on holiday, however, there were some very good performances with several first places being won to gain useful points for the team. Lauren Thompson won the “A” string 100m and 400m Hurdles races and Long Jump and Laura Armorgie won “A” string High Jump and “B” string 100m Hurdles and Long Jump. Kara Peck and Abigail Griffiths won the “A” and “B” string Triple Jump event with Abigail setting a new personal best leap of 9.99 metres. After several years competing away from the track, Natasha Taylor made a welcome return to comfortably win the “A” string 3000 metres race and Alicia Found won the “B” string 1500 metres race. Eloise Meakins easily won the “A” string Javelin with a throw of 45.53 metres which also won her the Female Athlete of the Match Award. There were wins for Jason Kingwell in the Men’s “A” string Shot Putt and Hammer competitions, Simon Wake in the “B” string Shot Putt and Ross Armorgie in the “B” string High Jump The Match finished with a win for Dartford with 202 points, 2nd Havering 197, 3rd Croydon Harriers167 and 4th Herts Phoenix 151, which leaves the Club at the end of season league in eighth placeoverall and so will be competing in the same division next season. Individual Results – Men 100 metres “A” Luke Smith 2nd 11.5 G “B” Mark Oddy 4th 13.2 G 200 metres “A” Luke Smith 3rd 23.9 G “B” Mark Oddy 4th 26.2 G 400 metres “A” Luke Smith 4th 53.9 G “B” Aaron Cooper 3rd 54.7 W 800 metres Aaron Cooper 2nd 2:04.7 W 1500 metres “A” Steve Prosser 2nd 4:22.0 W “B” Ryan Faulkner 3rd 4:44.5 G 5000 metres Ryan Faulkner 3rd 16:44.6 G 400m Hurdles “A” Alex Harrison 4th 71.2 G “B” Simon Wake 2nd 63.5 W 2000m Steeplechase Steve Prosser 4th 7:53.4 W High Jump “A” Bradley Armorgie 2nd 1.85 W “B” Ross Armorgie 1st 1.85 W Pole Vault “A” Ross Armorgie 4th 2.50 W Long Jump “A” Bradley Armorgie 4th 5.85 W “B” Ross Armorgie 4th 5.49 W Triple Jump “A” Ross Armorgie 4th 10.62 W “B” Alex Harrison 4th 10.47 G Shot “A” Jason Kingwell 1st 11.58 G “B” Simon Wake 1st 11.21 W Discus “A” Jason Kingwell 2nd 34.78 G “B” James Grove 4th 28.94 W Hammer “A” Jason Kingwell 1st 42.75 G Javelin “A” Simon Wake 3rd 46.11 W “B” Jason Kingwell 4th 33.95 G 4 x 100m Relay Herts Phoenix 4th 48.3 Individual Results – Women 100 metres “A” Kara Peck 3rd 13.6 W “B” Abigail Griffiths 3rd 13.6 W 200 metres Lauren Thompson 4th 27.8 G 400 metres Georgia McKenzie 2nd 62.6 G 800 metres “A” Alicia Found 4th 2:35.1 G “B” Elizabeth Parry 2nd 2:39.6 G 1500 metres “A” Elizabeth Parry 3rd 5:37.9 G “B” Alicia Found 1st 5:40.0 G 3000 metres “A” Natasha Taylor 1st 12:00.4 W “B” Eleanor Found 2nd 13:46.7 G 100m Hurdles “A” Lauren Thompson 1st 14.6 G “B” Laura Armorgie 1st 16.9 W 400m Hurdles “A” Lauren Thompson 3rd 80.1 G “B” Eloise Meakins 3rd 94.9 W 2000m Steeplechase “A” Elizabeth Parry 2nd 9:32.4 G “B” Alicia Found 2nd 9:32.4 G High Jump “A” Laura Armorgie 1st 1.65 W “B” Abigail Griffiths 2nd 1.45 W Long Jump “A” Lauren Thompson 1st 5.66 G “B” Laura Armorgie 1st 5.00 W Triple Jump “A” Kara Peck 1st 11.01 W “B” Abigail Griffiths 1st 9.99 W Shot Putt “A” Laura Armorgie 3rd 7.40 W “B” Eleanor Found 4th 4.13 G Discus “A” Eleanor Moss 4th 19.09 W “B” Sarah Gaynor 4th 10.79 G Hammer “A” Kara Peck 4th 9.32 W “B” Abigail Griffiths 4th 5.49 W Javelin “A” Eloise Meakins 1st 45.53 W “B” Eleanor Moss 2nd 29.68 W 4 x 100m Relay Herts Phoenix 2nd 52.5 4 x 400m Relay Herts Phoenix 2nd 4:34.5 Lauren Thompson 66.6, Elizabeth Parry 72.1, Alicia Found 72.3, Georgia McKenzie 63.5

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