Want to get involved in your club?

We have some exciting new openings within a few roles at the club. Whether you are an athlete, parent, already involved and fancy a change of role or want to try somethin new then please read on!


- U11 Cross Country

- YDL (Upper- U20, U17)

Recruit, organise and manage athletes to success in the league. It does not require any athletic prowess yourself, just a working understanding of the different events within athletics. Also requires efficient organisation, persuasive skills and good communication!


An admin role to efficiently timetable officials, so we have the correct amount at each match. It does not require attendance at the matches or any understanding of athletics.


Write and distrubute match reports and key results to local media to improve the club's media coverage in local newspapers. You would be sent the match results, and so it is not a requirement to be at matches, just requires a bit of time to write a summary and then email to local newspapers.

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