New Partnership with Eveque Leisure Equipment

Eveque Leisure Equipment and Herts Phoenix AC announce Partnership

Herts Phoenix Athletic Club is proud to announce its partnership with Eveque Leisure Equipment Under the arrangement the club benefits from a generous 15% discount on all equipment purchased.

Sportshall athletics was created by George Bunner almost 40 years ago with the support of Ron Pickering. It is the first opportunity for many youngsters of a variety of ages and abilities to experience athletics suitably adapted for indoors.

Herts Phoenix Athletic Club’s young athletes have been competing in Sportshall Athletics for many years at local, regional and national levels. The club has an extensive range of Eveque’s Sportshall equipment covering running, jumping and throwing. This equipment is used not only by the club but also by local primary and secondary schools as well as by the sports centres where the Club is based.

Sportshall is athletics in a fun and safe environment.

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