Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League Match 2 - Stevenage

Herts Phoenix Athletic Club

Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League

Match 2 on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage

Herts Phoenix endurance athletes had to contend with a very wet afternoon when competing in the second of this season's Metropolitan Cross Country League races at Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage last Saturday. Ethan Primett (Richard Hale), added to his excellent start to cross country racing chalking up his second Met League win in the Under 13 boys' race closely followed by team mate Daniel Gill (St George's Harpenden) who moved up a couple of places to finish in second place and together with Ben Crookes (Monk's Walk) 10th and Matthew Dorman (Monk's Walk) 21st won the Team competition. Jake Sherlock (St Edmund's College) also had another excellent run, this time completing the course in 5th place out of the 79 finishers in the Under 17 men's race. Emily Ruane who is studying at Cambridge University, finished in an excellent 10th place overall in the Senior Women's race to secure a place in the University team which uses this race each year to select their teams to contest the annual Varsity match in early December. Local teacher, John Eves also had another good run, finishing very strongly to secure 10th place in the Senior Men's race out of 441 finishers.

Individual results

Under 11 Boys & Girls - approx 1500 metres

Louise Grenfell 14th, 3rd Girl - 5.16, Tilly Major 24th, 7th Girl 5.39, Toby Cracknell 39th 6.00, Benji Dorman 47th 6.10, Samuel Zapico 63rd 6.52

66 finishers - Boys Team 12th (and after the first two races 16th), Girls Team 5th (and after the first two races 6th)

Under 13 Boys - approx 3000 metres

Ethan Primett 1st 11.32, Daniel Gill 2nd 11:43, Ben Crookes 10th 12.26, Matthew Dorman 21st 12.59, Ben Cracknell 25th 13.18, Lewis Ambler 32nd 13.45, Gabriel Thornton 33rd 13.51, Jamie Roper 41st 15.31, Vinny Clarke 42nd 15.34

43 finishers - Team 1st, (1st)

Under 15 Boys with Under 17 Men - approx 4000 metres

Jake Sherlock 4th 13.00, Adam Hughes 16th 13.32, Nathanael Zapico (u15) 23rd (u15 -128th) 13.44, Elliot Breen 25th 13.48, Bryce Breen (u15) 28th (u15 - 15th) 14.02, Alex Stapleton (u15) 38th (u15 - 21st) 14.16, Alex Hughes (u15) 39th (u15 - 22nd)14.17, 34th 15:51, Callum Blair-Park (u15) 61st (u15 - 38th) 15.27, Elliot Zapico (u15) 76th (u15 - 51st) 17.03

79 finishers - Team 4th, (2nd)

Under 15 Girls with Under 17 Women - approx 4000 metres

Sarah Crookes (u15)39th (u15 - 26th) 17.39

Under 20, Senior & Veteran Women - approx 6400 metres

Emily Ruane 10th 23.07, Deborah Rushman (V50) 108th (V50 - 6th) 28.40, Elizabeth Doyle 124th 29.26, Amy Clayton (u20) 157th (u20 - 11th) 32.17

182 finishers - Team Division 2 - 6th (10th) Veterans' Team Division 2 - 6th (9th)

Under 20, Senior & Veteran Men - approx 8000 metres

John Eves 10th 26.20, Matt Janes 35th 27.33, Peter Townsend 77th 29.03, Asier Gonzalez Uriarte 129th 30.22, Craig Halsey 138th 30.35, Jonathan Haynes (V60) 224th (v60 - 1st) 32:31, Andy Holt (V50) 290th (V50 - 20th) 34.19, Sean Bowen (V50) 336th (v50 - 30th) 35:58, Bernie Barnaby (V55) 342nd (v55 - 10th) 36.14, Simon Doyle (V55) 347th (v55 - 11th) 36:30, Peter Fitzpatrick (V60) 358th (V60 - 4th) 36.56, Stuart Mann (V70) 409th (V70 - 1st) 40.19, Richard Foskett (V60) 418th (v60 - 8th) 41.05, Richard Bloom (V70) 419th (v70 - 2nd) 41.14, John Steed (V80) 441st (v80 - 1st) 48.47

441 finishers - Team Division 3 - 1st (2nd), Veterans' Team Division 2 - 5th (5th)

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