Metropolitan Cross Country League Match 4

Herts Phoenix Athletic Club

Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League

Match 4 on Saturday 14th January 2017

On a cold, but bright afternoon Herts Phoenix endurance tackled the muddy and undulating courses set out in Trent Park, Cockfosters in the penultimate races of the Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League. John Sporborg, competing in his first Met League finished very strongly in the under 11 boys' race in 10th place and Tilly Major continued her good form to finish in an excellent 4th place in the under 11 girls' race. The under 13 boys continued their good series of results to once again take 1st place in their team race with Ethan Primett (Richard Hale) finishing in second place closely followed by Daniel Gill (St George's Harpenden) in 5th place out of the 54 finishers. John Eves fresh from winning the silver medal in the Herts County Championships the previous Sunday had an excellent run to finish in 4th place overall out of 428 finishers in the Senior Men's race and 18 year old Jamie Philpott (Freeman College) was the first under 20 finisher in 21st place in the same race, there were also good placings for Asier Gonzalez 53rd and Peter Townsend 55th in this high standard race which enabled the team to finish in second place in Division Two.

Individual results

Under 11 Boys and Girls - approx 1500 metres

John Sporborg (W) 10th - 6.44, Tilly Major (W) 18th (4th Girl) - 6.53, Samuel Zapico (G) 42nd - 9.01

82 finishers

Under 13 Boys - approx 3000 metres

Ethan Primett (W) 2nd - 12.17, Daniel Gill (G) 5th 12.26, William Hughes (G) 16th 13.14, Ben Crooks (G) 17th - 13.14, Vinny Clarke (G) 40th 14.38, Matthew Dorman (G) 41st 14.43

Team 1st (after 4 races 1st)

Under 15 Boys with Under 17 men - approx 4000 metres

Adam Hughes (G) 22nd - 15.05, Elliot Breen (G) 24th - 15.11, Brett Rushman (u15) (W) 25th (u15 -11th) - 15.14, Nathanael Zapico (G)(U15) 35th (U15-20th) - 15.32, Alex Hughes (G)(u15) 41st (u15-23rd) - 15.47, Bryce Breen (G)(u15) 46th (u15-28th) - 15.59, Thomas Hughes (G)(u15) 56th (u15-37th) - 16.51, Elliot Zapico (G)(u15) 70th (u15-51st) - 18.18

78 finishers - "A" team 5th (after 4 races 2nd), "B" Team 13th (after 4 races 14th)

Under 20, Senior & Veteran Women - approx 6000 metres

Deborah Rushman (V50) 74th V50 - 5th) - 28.38, Yvonne Jones (V45) 141st (V45 - 16th) - 32.30, Elizabeth Doyle 147th - 33.01, Sandra Berti (V55) 188th (V55 - 12th) 39.42

193 finishers - Team 9th (after 4 races 10th), Veterans' Team 5th (after 4 races 9th)

Under 20, Senior & Veteran Men - approx 8000 metres

John Eves 4th 25.56, Jamie Philpott (u20) 21st (u20-1st) 27.10, Asier Gonzalez Uriate 53rd 29.00, Peter Townsend 55th 29.03, Jonathan Haynes (V60) 219th (V60-1st) 33.43, Andy Holt (V50) 261st (V50-19th) 34.55, Sean Bowen (V50) 287th (V50-25th) 35.44, Mark Redmond (V40) 296th (V40-41st) 36.00, Simon Doyle (V55) 320th (V55-7th) 37.00, Peter Fitzpatrick (V60) 334th (v60-4th) 37.29, Stuart Mann (V70) 374th (V70-1st) 40.07, Richard Foskett (V60) 382nd (V60-6th) 40.54, Richard Bloom (V70) 389th (V70-2nd) 41.18, David Clark (V70) 397th (V70-3rd) 41.48, John Steed (V80) 427th (V80-1st) 50.02

428 finishers - Team Division 3 - 2nd (after 4 races 3rd), Veterans' Team Division 2 - 5th (after 4 races 6th)

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