Start Fitness Metropolitan League Match 1

Match 1 - Claybury - Saturday 14th October 2017

There was a good turnout of endurance athletes from Herts Phoenix AC for the first of this season's Start Fitness Cross Country League meetings who enjoyed the very warm weather competing over the hilly courses set out in Claybury Park. Tilly Major got the meeting off to a good start with a fine win in the under 11 girls' race completing the 1500 metres course in 5:47 closely followed by teammate Caitie Reid who was 7th in 6:08. Several of the under 13 boys had their first taste of club cross country when tackling the 3000 metres race with Ethan Primett 5th in 11:24 and John Sporborg 7th leading their team home in to 3rd place. Joe Smith was the top finisher in 7th place in the combined under 15 boys' and under 17 men's race. Under 15 Athlete Freya Stapleton had an excellent and comfortable win in the combined under 15 girls' and under 17 women's race over 4000 metres in a time of 15:42 followed home in 7th place by Lottie Rowedder in 17:02. Tamara Armoush finished 4th in a strong senior women's field of more than 200 finishers in 21:55, team mate Deborah Rushman was second in the v50 age category. In a record field of 508 finishers John Eves claimed an excellent 9th place covering the 8000 metres course in 25:41, 18 year old Afewerk Rossom made his cross country debut for the Club finishing in 34th place overall and 3rd in the under 20 age group, other 18 year old athletes running with seniors for the first time were Adam Hughes 129th (u20-9th) and Amaniel Tesfay 189th (u20-15th). The senior men's team finished second in Division 3.

Individual results

Under 11 Boys - approx 1500 metres

Dexter Moor 8th 5:57

37 finishers

Under 11 Girls - approx 1500 metres

Tilly Major 1st 5:47 Caitie Reid 7th 6:03 Molly Gray 31st 6:52

Team 7th. 57 finishers

Under 13 Boys - approx 3000 metres

Ethan Primett 5th 11:24, John Sporborg 7th 11:30, Gabriel Thornton 26th 12:05, Ben Carter 31st 12:14, Vinny Clarke 32nd 12:15, Matthew Dorman 43rd 12:31, Daniel Biddulph 45th 12:32, Ben Gill 52nd 12:32, Alex Harley 55th 13:10, Fynn Rushman 62nd 13:51, Oliver Hobdell 65th 13:56

"A" team 3rd, "B" Team 11th. 72 finishers

Under 13 Girls - approx 3000 metres

Megan Reid 38th 14:33, Mary-Rose Sporborg 46th 15:21

52 finishers

Under 15 Boys with Under 17 Men - approx 4000 metres

Joe Smith 7th 14:29, Dan Gill u15 18th (u15-9th) 15:13, Archie Southwell 41st 16:08, Andrew McCann u15 70th (u15-45th) 17:56

Team 6th. 85 finishers

Under 15 Girls with Under 17 Women - approx 4000 metres

Freya Stapleton u15 1st 15:42, Lottie Rowedder 9th 17:02, Sarah Crooks (u15) 36th (u15-23rd) 18:54

Team 6th. 64 finishers

Under 20, Senior and Veteran Women - approx 6000 metres

Tamara Armoush 4th 21:55, Deborah Rushman (v50) 41st (v50-2nd) 25:32, Yvonne Jones (v55) 118th (v55-3rd) 27:48, Elizabeth Doyle 138th 28:08

Division 3 Team 2nd, Division 2 Veterans Team 5th . 211 finishers

Under 20, Senior & Veteran Men - approx 8000 metres

John Eves 9th 25:41,Afewerk Rossom u20 34th (u20-3rd) 27:04, Vincenzo Masullo 85th 28:52, Adam Hughes u20 129th (u20-9th) 30:26, Steve Prosser 146th 30:50, Amaniel Tesfay u20 189th (u20-20th) 31:51, Jonathan Haynes v60 212th (v60-2nd) 32:32, Simon Doyle v55 338th (v55-13th) 35:53, Peter Fitzpatrick v65 389th (v65-1st) 37:37, Brian James v70 413th (v70-1st) 38:30, Richard Bloom v70 425th (v70-2nd) 39:09, Dave Clark v70 433rd (v70-3rd) 39:34, Stuart Mann v70 450th (v70-4th) 40:21, Richard Foskett v60 466th (v60-11th) 41:39, John Steed v80 508th (v80-1st) 51:58

Division 3 "A" Team 2nd "B" Team 18th, Division 2 Veterans Team 8th. 508 finishers

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