Start Fitness Metropolitan League - Match 4

Start Fitness Metropolitan League

Match 4 - Wormwood Scrubs - Saturday 13th January 2018

A good number of Herts Phoenix athletes competed in the fourth Metropolitan Cross Country League match over the flat but muddy courses at Wormwood Scrubs last Saturday. There was an exciting under 15 girls' and under 17 women's race with Freya Stapleton just pipping her teammate Lottie Rowedder for second place. John Eves had another excellent race to finish in fifth place in the senior men's event with Afe Rossom finishing in 26th place overall and 3rd under 20 out of the record field of 544 finishers, the Senior Men's Team is currently leading Division Three after 4 matches. There was a large turnout of under 13 boys who packed very well to hold on to their overall 2nd place in the team competition. Several of the Club's athletes will be travelling to Stanmer Park, Brighton on 27th January to compete in the South of England Championships and many of the younger athletes are now preparing to represent their schools in the Herts Schools Cross Country Championships at St Albans on Saturday 3rd February.

Individual results

Under 11 Boys - approx 1500 metres

Ciaran Sweeney 35th 8:54

38 finishers

Under 11 Girls - approx 1500 metres

Caitie Reid 9th 6:46, Isabella Bullock 34th 7:48

Team 10th. After 4 races Team 6th

69 finishers

Under 13 Boys - approx 3000 metres

Ethan Primett 17th 13:00, John Sporborg 18th 13:02, Vinny Clarke 21st 13:10, Ben Carter 26th 13:25, Matthew Dorman 27th 13:26, Charlie Bullock 48th 14:43, Ben Gill 50th 14:56, Ewan Dipper 51st 14:57, Lewis Ambler 58th 15:31, Oliver Hobdell 58th 15:31

"A" Team 4th, "B" Team 12th. After 4 races "A" Team 2nd, "B" Team 11th

69 finishers

Under 13 Girls - approx 3000 metres

Daniele Cerniauskaite 18th 14:13, Megan Reid 43rd 16:05

Team 10th. After 4 races Team 7th

47 finishers

Under 15 Boys with Under 17 Men - approx 4000 metres

Thomas Hughes 28th (u15 - 18th) 15:16, Dan Gill 29th (u15 - 19th) 15:21, Bryce Breen 34th (u15 - 24th) 15:41, William Hughes 48th (u15 - 35th) 16:34, Alexander Clark 56th (u15 - 42nd) 17:04, Bailey Newington 72nd (u15 - 55th) 19:26

Team 7th. After 4 races Team 5th

72 finishers

Under 15 Girls with Under 176 Women - approx 4000 metres

Freya Stapleton 2nd (u15 - 2nd) 15:40, Lottie Rowedder 3rd 15:41

Team 7th. After 4 races Team 8th

42 finishers

Under 20, Senior and Veteran Women - approx 6000 metres

Elizabeth Doyle 201st

Team 23rd. After 4 races Team 8th

262 finishers

Under 20, Senior and Veteran Men - approx 8000 metres

John Eves 5th 26:20, Afewerk Rossom 26th (u20 - 3rd) 27:40, Vincenzo Masullo 78th 29:28, Amaniel Tesfay 130th (u20 - 8th) 30:40, Adam Hughes 131st (u20 - 9th) 30:41, Steve Prosser 183rd 31:58, Paul Greaves 199th (v50 - 4th) 32:14, Mark Redmond 245th (v45 14th) 33:06, Jonathan haynes 280th (v60 - 1st) 33:47, Sean Bowen 347th (v50 - 23rd) 35:25, Peter Fitzpatrick 439th (v65 - 2nd) 38:07, Richard Bloom 480th (v70 - 1st) 39:41, Richard Foskett 513th (v60 - 9th) 41:27, Dave Clark 518th (v70 - 3rd) 42:00, Stuart Mann 522nd (v70 - 4th) 42:23, Mervyn Gilham 544th (v60 - 14th) 51:29

Division 3 "A" Team 2nd, "B" Team 20th, "C" Team 29th. After 4 races "A" Team 1st, "B" Team 16th, "C" Team 33rd.

"A" Team Vets Division Two - 6th. After 4 races 4th

"B" Team Vets Division Three - 17th. After 4 races 12th

"C" Team vets Division Three - 24th. After 4 races 28th

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