Sportshall Fun in Athletics Regional Festivals 2018

On Saturday 24th March over 50 young athletes from Herts Phoenix Athletics Club took part in the above competition. Their 2 teams, Phoenix and Pegasus, were up against county teams from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. It was soon apparent Essex and Norfolk were to prove to be the ones to beat.

The Phoenix girls came third to Norfolk and Essex. On the track they won the 6 lap paarlauf (D’arcy Wright & Catie Reid) and the Grand Prix (D’arcy Wright, Zoe Demetriou, Ameilie Frizelle & Freya Brown) and came third in both the obstacle relay (Catie Reid, Isabella Stewart, Sofia Forryan & Freya Brown) and the over and under relay (Zoe Demetriou, Catie Reid, Evie Wake & Amelie Tongue). In the field events, Catie Reid took 1st in the balance test with D’arcy Wright taking 2nd in the speed bounce. Zoe Demetriou, Caitlin Ryan and Nessa Critchley came third in Javelin, Standing Triple Jump and Target throw. The other members of the team, managed by Kirsty Aitken, were Imogen List & Grace Wake.

The Phoenix boys, managed by Al Parry, did extremely well coming second behind Norfolk. On the track the team came first in the Obstacle Relay (Reuben White, Casey Hawtin,Toby Cracknell, Joshua Urquhart-Deane) and Grand Prix (Reuben White,Troy Sullivan, Joshua Urquhart-Deane, and Cameron Bellingham) Second place came in the 4x1 Relay (Beeshman Ramraj,joseph Stewart, Reuben White, Troy Sullivan.), Over and Under Relay (Samuel Zapico, Toby Cracknell, Casey Hawtin and Edward Richardson) and Hurdles Relay (Sebbie Lees, Beeshman Ramraj, Edward Richardson and Joseph Stewart). Reuben White came first in the Standing Triple Jump, with Troy Sullivan getting 1st in Javelin, Sebbie Lees in the Target Throw, and Casey Hawtin in Vertical Jump. The other member of the team was Toyosi Siwoku.

An inexperienced Pegasus girls team, all of whom will qualify for next year’s competition, came sixth in their competition. They did well to come fourth in the Over and Under Relay (Katie Broom, Isabelle Taylor, Mary Barratt and Annabel Grainger) and the Grand Prix (Ella Little, Zara Bell, Mary Barratt and Sophie Wilson). In the field events Ella Chandler and Zara Bell were outstanding to win the Target Throw and Balance Test. Other Team members were Caitlin Fisher, Daisy Murdoch, Willow Thomas, Molly Gray and Freya Lane. Team manager, Emily Hatch.

The Pegasus boys, managed by Jim Jeffrey and Phil Cracknell, came 6th overall. They came fourth in the Over and Under Relay (Sam Jeffrey, Oscar Drake, Jack Sayer, Callum Wright) and picked up fifth in the 6 Lap Paarlauf (Oliver Randall, Callum Wright) and Grand Prix (Josh Jeffrey, Jack Sayer, Sammy Lee-Critchlow, Oscar Drake). Oliver Randall achieved 5th place in the Speed Bounce, with Jack Sayer placing 6th in the Balance Test and Max Berryman 7th in the Javelin. The rest of the team included Max Cracknell, Myles Presence, Mateo Viudez-Calzada and Max Berryman.

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