HPX Chairman Stepping Down

I will be stepping down as Chairman at the end of the Club year in March. It has been an absolute privilege to be your Chair, and I hope I have done the job justice. It’s time for me to take a step back to concentrate on other pursuits, after being with the Club for 13 years. It is by no means a ‘good bye’, more of a ‘see you soon’.

The final important step I need to do before I let go of the reigns is to ensure a succession plan for when I leave. This plan includes some fresh faces on Committee! I can honestly say being part of the Club’s committee has taught me a great many life skills and shaped my character in the last 2 years. I by no means had the best knowledge of athletics, or even completely understood how the Club functioned before commencing the role, however I had new ideas and a more modern direction I felt the Club should progress toward.

So, if you have fresh ideas and are passionate about our sport, please speak to me about how you might be able to get involved.

See you all soon,

Aby Tobin

Herts Phoenix Chairman


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