Training Groups

Herts Phoenix has training groups to cater for all disciplines and age groups...

Sports hall

Age: 9-11 years old

Venue: Wodson or Gosling

Training: Game based with event specific work on running, jumps, obstacle course and throwing.


See for more details.


We are currently experiencing a high level of demand and so there is currently a waiting list.

Transition Groups

Age: 11-12 years old

Venue: Wodson or Gosling

Training: Basic technique work, followed by sessions in throws, jumps and running. Emphasis is on teaching all events to create well rounded young athletes.

Youth Groups
Specific Event Groups

Age: 12-16  years old

Venue: Wodson or Gosling

Training:  Technique work done as a group, athletes are then split into smaller groups to work on the athletics events they want to focus on. During this age group, if an athlete shows promise in a particular event they are passed on to senior coaches in their chosen event.

Age: 16 and beyond (we have a strong veteran team aswell!)


100/200m: Wodson or Gosling

Sprint Hurdles: Wodson or Gosling

400m/400m Hurdles: Gosling

Middle Distance: Wodson or Gosling

Long Distance: Wodson or Gosling

Throws: Wodson or Gosling

Long/Triple Jump: Wodson

High Jump: Wodson

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